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2d63 – Canada made a mistake in legalizing canabis!

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Leave my four-twenty alone

Legalisation of cannabis for recreational use increasingly looks like a no-brainer to progressive and liberal movements. Uruguay became the first country to do so at the end of 2013. California likewise has started permitting recreational usage since the date 2debate was launched – of course, that’s no coincidence, we could even argue that listening to the 2debate podcast actively stimulates the pleasure centres of our listeners’ brains, just as much as marijuana seemingly does.

It’s interesting to see how we still talk about a cannabis counter-culture when a very large proportion of the population has actually already tried weed. Honestly, 420 is anything but mainstream, leading some to even steal the 420-mile road signs, to the point that Colorado’s Department of Transportation very seriously replaced them with 419.99-mile markers instead.

It sounds all cute and funny, but is it really? As Canada just legalised recreational use as well, Dirk and Sebastian asked themselves whether this was an inevitable trend or perhaps just a big mistake, with consequences far more serious than initially imagined? Is legalisation a simple process to put in place? If we were to still ban cannabis, then why not tobacco or alcohol as well, which are equally – if not more – deadly?

Leaving aside their initial stance, Dirk was randomly assigned to defend Canada’s legalisation while Sebastian took a stab at Trudeau’s possibly hypocritical decision. Listen to 2debate’s latest debate and vote with your feet, or with the click of a button on the thumbs-up or thumbs-down icon here on 2debate’s website.

This podcast episode was proudly supported by our dear friend Elon (he did NOT inhale, to close that other extremely interesting debate).

Thank you for listening, as always.


Sebastian & Dirk

Picture: CC0, Pixabay

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