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2d60 – It is critical for democracies to have satire political parties and clown politicians!

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Don’t forget your toothbrush

Some of you may remember that light TV entertainment show back in the 1990s. Regardless, you – at least most of you hopefully – remember to brush your teeth every day. But if you don’t, watch out! One day, this may well become mandatory if some clown politician were to come to power. True story. Rest assured, him coming to power would also come with nice perks, including a free pony for everyone, woohoo! Okay, I’m not sure what sound a pony makes, but that’s not the point.

The point is that at least in the recent decades, a number of satire parties and clowns have sprung up in the political arena of various countries, from Lord Buckethead in the UK to Die Partei in Germany. They propose either ludicrous things or sometimes surface very real issues. In most cases, they emphasise the absurdity of the slogans of traditional parties and the inanity of political figures.

They may be funny, or not, that’s up to you. But are they necessary for democracies to function? Or are they just a waste of time and even resources, polluting the very serious debate politicians are – or should be – having about our future? To what extent are they a legitimate voice of a fraction of the people?

12 minutes of intense debating, this time recorded face to face, are what you’ll be getting if you tune in to your favourite debating podcast in the galaxy.

Oh and one more thing: if you take the trouble to listen to our debate, I believe Dirk will ship you a unicorn. And a signed photo of him. With a toothbrush. Unused. Anyway, just listen to our debate, because “Debate starts with a D”. There, I said it.

Sebastian, on behalf of Dirk… and myself.

PS: there’s really everything on the Internet, including a GIF of a unicorn with an (electric) toothbrush. Yep. But you’re only allowed to check if out after you listened to our debate!

PS2: I know you are more interested in checking out the GIF. It’s okay. Click on the link. But make sure to listen to our podcast, you’ll be laughing too, I promise. Pinky promise.

PS3: okay, this post is crazy but I’m typing this after a long week of work in California.


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