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2d50 – Grading students is counterproductive!

0:20:39 Download (MP3) Debate with us!
That’s right – this is our 50th debate!
Even better: we’ll have our 2 year anniversary soon and – who knows – maybe we’ll find a way to celebrate the occasion with all you!

Grading seem to be such a given way how performance in school is measured that we rarely even bother thinking about it until someone challenges the assumption that this is the only or the best option. This motion was suggest to us by a listener and that is a perfect segway to our next announcement:

What is better than a podcast debate?
An episode debating YOUR motion!
And what might be even better than that?
– If you’re invited in as well (if you so wish)!

So here is how it works:
We created a nice little form to take your suggestion for a 2debate motion.
Of course, there is also a short link available:

Tell us your idea, let us know if you like to debate yourself and we’ll take care of the rest.

Cool stuff but there is more!

2debate has a new social media channel. For those of you who are fleeing twitter these days to mastodon, follow here:
The content will be similar to our twitter channel but Dirk is active on Mastodonthese days, so mastodon will be likely a little faster with new posts.

And one final announcement: If your phone is an Android phone, there are good news! You’re most likely equipped with an awesome podcast client that comes up once you follow a link to Google Podcasts. That allows you to subscribe directly to our podcast on Google Podcasts and make sure our episodes wait on your phone the moment we release them. Here is the short link:

Dirk & Sebastian

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