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2d47 – Social media on the workplace should be banned!

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Just one more minute please

Studies have repeatedly shown that consuming too much social media is detrimental to our happiness. And yet we are addicted to checking that latest notification from our friends, or perhaps worse, that latest “crazy” video that is going viral. Please… let this video *not* be another one of a cat doing tricks on a skateboard or who knows what! Although Sebastian who has recently started skateboarding perhaps wouldn’t mind that much; and did you know Dirk owned four types of skateboards?!

So we know all this (no, not that skateboarding is dangerous, we’re still talking about social media!) and we also readily admit that social media overall is a waste of time – or do we truly admit that? Perhaps a small dose of distraction or entertainment is inevitable to be able to focus again on more important tasks afterwards? Or are we fooling ourselves when we say we will check our social media accounts “just one minute more”, effectively spending hours glancing through feeds of text, images and videos of questionable value?

Dirk and Sebastian debated on that topic, specifically related to social media on the workplace. After all, one’s employer can outright ban social media. But should they actually do it? Are there any merits to keeping a (browser) window of freedom open while at work? Tune in to listen to our debate and let us know what you think by voting.

Thank you for listening, as always!

Sebastian & Dirk

Picture: CC0, Pixabay

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