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2d46 – We need more direct democracy!

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Power to the people

Who trusts our governments today, for good or bad reasons? One solution, even if it may sound initially surprising, could be to adopt a form of dictatorship, as Dirk and Sebastian had already debated a while back. Another option, probably less disruptive but still widely discussed, could be the establishment of direct democracy – in other words, giving the power back to us, the people.

Yet is “direct democracy” more than just a theoretical concept or is it instead an illusion wielded by those in power to pretend that authority has been devolved to the people? And even if it were just an illusion, is it still worth pursuing for the sake of getting more people to be interested in the fate of their country?

Dirk and Sebastian debated on the topic – the flip of the coin chose Dirk to be in favour of direct democracy, while Sebastian was against. Listen to our arguments and don’t hesitate to vote on our website too, because we give you the power to decide who was the most convincing. So democratic. 2debate is the best, greatest democracy. So good.

Thank you for listening – and stay covered… because of the summer sun!

Sebastian & Dirk


Picture: CC0, Pixabay

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