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2d42 – Universal base income will solve the poverty problem!

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Imagine you got 1500$ per month, no questions asked…

This is literally what the idea of a UBI is all about – giving cash to everyone without exception. That would mean, everyone has a core sum each month to pay the rent and put food on the table and it might also be a chance for everyone to drive projects of love, study, volunteer etc.

Why everyone you ask? Well, that allows the government to save all these bureaucrats that otherwise have to check, to approve/deny and revoke… Not counting in lawsuits and other expensive processes. Also it would allow for the recipients to feel just fine for taking it. There is no stigma attached to it if everyone gets it, right?

Proponents of the idea claim that the savings outweigh the costs and that such a model would promote social work on an equal footing and treat those fairly who are for one reason or another less productive than the rest of us.

All that said – there are doubts. Maybe a UBI leads to more opportunistic laziness? Some find it unfair that it is supposed to be universal. Some say it may be too expensive in general…

It is a complex and interesting matter and Sebastian and I barely scratched the surface. We hope you like the debate and make yourself heard. Find us on twitter, facebook or write an email if you have an argument you feel should have been added…

Picture: CC0, Pixabay

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