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2d41 – Ban strikes that disrupt uninvolved third parties

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Strikes that disrupt your travel – cool or not cool?

Against popular belief it is not true that our French friends are striking the most in Europe. According to The Independent this honor clearly goes to Cyprus. Yet, it is too early to let Sebastian off the hook here, because France comes in second and if our personal experiences are any indications then it feels like transportation in Paris is always joining the labor dispute, no matter what 😉

To be fair – this was not the topic we debated on this time. It is without question for us that the right to strike is in general an important element of a healthy power balance in modern societies. But there have always been exceptions: Some jobs are usually not allowed to strike or how would you feel if your house burned down because the fire department went on strike today?

Thus, the question we really fought over was if this should be extended to jobs that – by definition – disrupt not only the employers business but have an impact on broader society too. Public transportation, childcare, or delivering Dirk’s latest amazon orders come to mind…

Listen to our arguments
and let us know which side won you over!

Dirk & Sebastian

Picture: CC0, Pixabay

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