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2d40 – Did the US cease to lead the free world?

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Just because you’re first does not mean you’re leading…

Some argue that the American Century has ended and that we’re moving from a bipolar world with one dominant power to a world of multiple poles.
What is clear is that with Donald Trump in power a lot has changed and if the US are still leading, then it is a completely different model of leadership. Arguably this may change how much influence and control the United States have over other states and their decisions. In the past it was a model that was based on multilateral agreements, shared wealth and mutual dependencies. With Trump’s MAGA slogan this changes to some degree and maybe with it the degree of influence.

In today’s episode we try to debate this very question – is the US still the leading power of the so-called free world? Sebastian says “no” and makes a case that this is not Trump’s doing but started even earlier. Dirk on the other hands claims that there is more to leadership than the actions of one person alone.

What do you think? Listen to both sides and let us know by voting on the episode’s voting links!

Speaking of which…
This week no one leads as Sebastian and Dirk both won 19 debates.Cheers!
Dirk & Sebastian.


Image: Pixabay, CC0

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