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2d38 – Watch your language, how we say things does matter!

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WTF is this about and why the f* should I care?

Woah… Some of you may now say “Slow down, Dirk! No need to use strong language here!”

Dirk and Sebastian do end up debating this very question. Where is the boundary between those who speak and those who listen? What may be good reasons to watch our language, even when we don’t have to and what are reasons not to?

Don’t worry – we were still friendly today. After all, I did not mark this episode as explicit 🙂

Oh… and just in case… the music that distracted Sebastian in the end came from the anime series “Heidi, girl from the Alps”. Look how amazing that was:

In that spirit I also keep it short with our stats section. I sum it up this way….
I (Dirk) was leading with 3 debates won and had more points. Then came our last debate and a bunch of new listeners and Sebastian made a come back:
So what should I say… 0 votes?! Really? I’ll definitely work on that! 🙂
This time maybe? :-)Cheers out of beautiful & sunny (sic!) Frankfurt

Picture: Pixabay, CC0

Sebastian wrote: April 26, 2018 at 2:54 pm

Thank you for your comment, Matthias! Well, yes and no. Initially I would have agreed with you, because indeed my sister was upset and everyone in the car who was listening to the conversation ganged up on me. But then, six hours later, the fact that she said she would actually look into the matter of what we were discussing seems to indicate that my blunt style of talking did work. Granted, I had apologised in the meantime :-). Maybe here’s the twist: how one says things doesn’t really matter, especially if one pretends that it does 🙂 (and perhaps says “sorry” for being too blunt!).

Matthias wrote: April 26, 2018 at 1:20 pm

the argument about you speaking with your sister sounded like an argument in favour of the motion

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