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Inbetweenosode “If you move to a foreign country, you should be required to learn its language!”

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This time it is Sebastian’s turn to be solo host on the microphone. He talks about our episode stats, why we picked next weeks motion and where our listeners come from. Also he announced as usual next week’s motion to open the floor for your initial votes:
“If you move to a foreign country, you should be required to learn its language!” Let us know what you think!

To vote for the motion before publishing, click on the voting symbol on _this_ episode.

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Dr. Azrael Tod wrote: March 10, 2017 at 10:14 am


because that only seems reasonable if the local language is something big and spoken by a significant fraction of people worldwide. But what about the language of a small island that nobody really speaks? Or what about local languages in the EU (currently: you can live everywhere and resort to any official EU language like English or French)

And what language do I have to learn if i want to live in India? Hindi? English? What about the millions people in this country that don’t speak either?
If I’m a Sorb in Germany, do I have to speak German?

Since this is clearly totally complex and there are just sooo many different exceptions, the only reasonable answer must be: No.

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