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Inbetweenosode “Should Turkey be part of EU?”

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Dirk and Sebastian talk about a range of tools Sebastian used to analyze complexity and tone of our debates and we talk about online debating and some of the feedbacks we’ve seen.
But as usual: the main purpose of our in-between-o-sodes is to open the floor for your initial votes on the motion “Turkey should be part of EU!”.

To vote for or against the motion before publishing, click on the voting symbol on _this_ episode.

Tools and articles we discussed today:

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Dr. Azrael Tod wrote: February 13, 2017 at 4:07 pm

I think the question is phrased in the wrong way.

Imho: Turkey (as it is) shouldn’t be part of the EU. But we should still try to make it part of the EU.

This is a good carrot to dangle in front of Turkey to steer it in the right direction. To stop negotiations wouldn’t help anybody.

And yes – if the conditions are met (and i don’t think Turkey will meet these soon) then another country in the EU will be a good thing. Even more so if it’s a financially able country like Turkey has been and probably will be again.

So what should I answer to your poll? Yes or No?

    Dirk wrote: February 13, 2017 at 4:18 pm

    hehe 😉
    I’m not telling you what to answer. But whatever you click: I’d love to learn if our this-week-to-be-published debate wins you over to one side.

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